Shadowrun: The Icarus Effect

Operation Defiance
What goes around

With Israel beaten and such strong CAS and Russian support in the area the UCAS has mostly withdrawn. Leaving only a token force to clean up and put out any ‘fires’ that pop up. The Fists of Liberty have been tasked with putting out one such fire.

Transmission from Col. Daniel Shepard
UCAS CENTCOM HQ, January 30th
“A recent assault on insurgents in Al Zarqa has revealed to us a CAS PMC that is the primary supplier of anti-UCAS insurgents in Jordan. They call themselves the Groundhogs and have set up shop in Jericho, Palestine. The insurgents they supply are a thorn in our side and are damaging our standing with Jordan. Camp Liberty is vital to our operations in the area and the Jordanian Government is threatening to evict us to stop the attacks.

You will arrive via civilian convoy at 1345 on February the 1st. 4 hours before a local festival. You are to terminate the Groundhogs and destroy their their supplies. This is a scorched earth mission but the area will be full of civilians attending the festival. Avoid unnecessary collateral damage. Remember that we are not currently in a state of war with anyone, at this point we are still respecting the cease fire. Thus you will be on your own. No reinforcement or support of any kind. Extraction will be you. If you are caught or killed the UCAS will deny any involvement and brand you as a rouge element, you know, the usual stuff."

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