House Rules

Armor Durability and Breakage

Armor has a durability equal to its armor rating plus any applicable modifications.
When you take damage your armor loses durability at the following rates: If the attack fails to penetrate your armor it loses 1 durability. If the attack penetrates your armor loses 1 + the absolute AP of the weapon durability (i.e. if the weapon has AP -2 then the armor loses 1 + |-2| or 3 durability.
Armor with 0 Durability is broken and only provids half it’s bonuses until repaired.
Some attacks effect durability differently: Electric/EMP attacks do not effect armor durability except in the case of powered armor. Fire and Acid effect durability at double the normal rate however this lose is mitigated by resistence on the armor (e.g. A fire attack penetrates the armor with an AP of -3 this does ((1+ |-3|) x 2) or 8 durability damage to the armor. If the armor has Fire resistance 4 then the attack does (8 – 4) or 4 Durability to the armor.

Whiz and Drek

The Whiz and Drek system of previous games is getting an overhaul. The intent is to make their use more common. The players start the game with a pool of Whiz equal to the Party’s average Street Cred. Whiz applies a +2 Dice pool bonus to any roll when spent. The Game Master has an unlimited pool of Drek to spend. When the GM spends a Drek he must give the players a Whiz. Drek now can be used to apply a +1 Difficulty bonus to actions or to force a combat mishap roll (see below). Note: This makes Drek slightly more powerful than Whiz as a +1 to difficulty typically requires 3 dice to offset, this is intentional. Whz can be gained in 5 ways. Good role playing will net players a whiz. Turning a failure into a critical failure (see below) will net 2 whiz. Overcoming powerful obstacles or NPCs will net Whiz commensurate to the net power level of the obstacle (in relation to the players). When the GM spends a Drek the players get a whiz. The players can spend Edge for no benefit other than gaining Whiz (This allows players to convert Edge into Karma as detailed below) the exact payout will come later.
At the end of the session the number of Whiz earned will be added as a modifier when determining Karma gained.

Combat Mishap Table

When a mishap happens, typically as a result of a Drek. Roll 2d6, add the result, and consult the following table.

1 Squib Load, Catastrophic Failure; Round gets stuck in the barrel and successive rounds strike it, gun’s FUBAR son. Ignore if firing SS or SA.
2 Brass Over Bolt, Extreme; All rounds fail to fire, 3 Complex actions to clear
3 Smart link Malfunction; Lose benefit of smart link, requires complex action to restart weapon.
4 Slam Fire; A round goes off while it’s being chambered, +1 recoil
5 Failure to Feed, Magazine edition; Mag didn’t seat right, slap to clear. Free action, +1 recoil.
6 Dud, 1 or more rounds fail to fire. Firing a single round does no damage, when firing multiple rounds only confers half the listed defense penalty.
7 Failure to Feed, shot goes off and requires a free action to re-rack slide.
8 is
9 is
10 is
11 Magazine Malfunction; 1 Complex action to clear, reload required. With a smart link simply requires reload
12 Lucky Shot; +1 DV and -1 AP

Glitches for Karma

Similar to the system used in World of Darkness upon failing a roll you may opt to turn the failure into a glitch/critical failure (terms used interchangeably) to turn 2 Drek to Whiz. This has the additional effect of increasing Karma gain.

Character Creation

Magic rating and skills cost double at character creation and +50% Karma, Price for all magical paraphernalia is tripled and its availability is doubled. All spells are +1 drain. Note: this is a direct nerf to Magic because it fits the flavor and intent of the world, there is no upside.

House Rules

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