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The Fists of LIberty

The name of the unit to which the characters are attached is the 7th Navy Tactical reconnaissance team. They have gone by the name ‘The Fist of Liberty’ since their ad hoc creation during the November Incident. Note that the November Incident is the central expository event for the game.


The World game map we’ll be using is here – Map

House Rules will be posted here – House Rules

Rule Cheat Sheets will be here – Cheat Sheets

World Lore will be here – Lore

This page will be used to keep track of the unit and will hold Character and NPC dossiers – Fist of LIberty

Note: It is important to understand what the game is and I just realized I’ve done a poor job conveying that. I’ll fix it up in the next day or so. I’ve started from the beginning in laying everything out.

You are going to start the game as a member of the “Liberty’s Fist” Special Operations unit. You will very rapidly be given the opportunity to start a mercenary company which you will own and control. This is not meant as a military game. It is based heavily off of Metal Gear Solid V and the MGS series in general. You will be given a large degree of freedom to impact a very volatile area of the world. The game will largely be a sand box with an overarching meta narrative. Active involvement in Geopolitics is optional.

TL:DR You are going to be independent highly trained soldiers operating at your discretion in a volatile area of the world. You are going to be able to interact with a wide array of threats and NPCs and take part in a huge number of plots and operations of varying scope.

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