November Incident

The November incident marks the conflict between the UCAS and the CAS in North Eastern Egypt and Israel from February to August of 2075. It gained its name from the nuclear detonation of an Israeli nuclear silo at the hands of Palestinian forces in November of 2074.

Prelude: The Pressure Boiler

Tensions between the United Canadian and American States (UCAS) and the Confederate American States (CAS) have always been high, it seems there is no way to split such a massive country amicably, but the two neighbors (some might say brothers) kept it civil until the assassination of William Boyd in 2073. Boyd won the CAS presidential election by a landslide, the most of any president since USA president Franklin D. Roosevelt. His platform was critical the UCAS for further bluing the line between Mega Corporations and Governments by legitimizing Mega Corporation military actions in the Baltic and by nominating Damien Knight (Owner and CEO of Ares Macrotechnology to fill the permanent seat on the UN Security council left by the dissolution of China. President elect Boyd was assassinated on January 19th 2074 while attending a Metahuman Civil rights ball (at the Martin Luther King Jr Legacy Civic Center in Mississippi). The assassination was initially blamed on the Ghosts of Cain, an anti-tribal domestic terror cell, that Boyd conflicted with regularly while Director of the CBI (Confederate Bureau of Investigation). After a thorough investigation, however, a conspiracy was uncovered that linked back to the CIA (See Renraku for more information).

On the other side of the world in November of 2074 Palestinian Liberation Forces raided an Israeli nuclear bunker in retaliation of threatened nuclear strikes on Palestine. The bunker was destroyed in what appeared to be a nuclear blast. Israel seized on the opportunity to declare war on Palestine. Note: Israel denied UN access to the blast site, citing national secrets. In 2075 a successful CAS Black Op, known as operation Great Divide, was able to test the site. No radioactive isotopes where discovered, leaving critics to conclude the attack was just another in a long line of Israel sponsored False Flag Attacks.

Causus Belli: The Saud Caliphate Blockade

While officially allied with Palestine the CAS did not immediately enter the war. Secretary of State and President pro temp Masato Creal was quoted as saying “If Palestine is ever to gain the legitimacy both we and they desire they must be able to stand for themselves. To that end while we will not be taking an active role in the conflict we will be acting as peace keepers to prevent any third party from aiding either side directly.” As a result of his statement Creal ordered CAS troops to pull back to Crete but to remain alert to possible UCAS interference.

The UCAS tried to bypass the CAS Mediterrainian blockade by basing assets with long time ally the Saud Caliphate. The CAS responded by blockading the Suez Canal, starving the Caliphate of their European markets. Egypt, fearing that war would break out along the Canal demanded the CAS remove their blockade. The CAS fearing further conspiracy on the part of the UCAS invaded eastern Egypt taking control of the northern mouth of the Canal. The UCAS moved troops into Suez and a brief but bloody war broke out as the sides clashed for control of the canal. The CAS was forced back to Crete while the UCAS gained dominion over the area. Note: While initially allied with the UCAS, Egypt quickly turned hostile after promises to return the area to Egyptian sovereignty where left unfulfilled. Egypt is seeking UN intervention but is unable to pass a proposal through the Security council, even after the UCAS was forbidden from utilizing their Veto power since they were deemed to be too involved.

Embittered by their defeat but unwilling to go back on their stated intent the CAS began providing aid to Palestine by way of neutral PMCs and local insurgent groups. The UCAS on the other hand, emboldened by their success and the unwilling of the UN to intervene began operating openly in the area.

Civil War: The Fall of Israel

Unable to match the force of the UCAS with mercenaries and already stinging from a defeat the CAS turned to Diplomatic back channels and brokered a deal with Russian President Yuri Malvora. In a rapid and extreme assault Russian forces occupied Syria and began launching air strikes at Israel military positions. With Soviet support the CAS landed in Palestine and launched a ground war against the UCAS. While the UCAS was able to hold their own against the combined forces of Russia and the CAS the Israeli forces were not so lucky. Israeli Prime Minister Mikhael Al-Gilad was captured and executed by Palestinian PMC Sons of Shiqq. This led to a string of rapid defeats while the Israeli government struggled to regain momentum, which they were able to do but not before Jerusalem was taken and occupied by Palestinian forces. This marked the fall of Israel as Israeli forces retreated to Jordan where they are staging to retake Israel. Note: No nuclear weapons were deployed during the war. While official reports vary a number of facts give credence to the theory of forced disarmament in the early 2000s. The theory states that the United States of America under President Bush and later President Obama forced, through backroom deals, for Israel to disarm their nuclear arsenal but still promised to maintain the illusion of and give credence to Israeli nuclear threats. A competing theory states that Israels nuclear arsenals were raided by CAS backed PMCs during the war, this theory concerns many war analyists because the PMCs cited went rouge shortly after the fall of Israel.

Aftermath and the Sea of Giants

Israeli Prime Minister in Exile General Ashi ben Avisar is maintaining strong pressure on the Palestinian forces. With the fall of Israel the UCAS, CAS, and Russian forces have begun slowing their involvement in the conflict. They have pulled back to their operating areas, the CAS on Crete, the UCAS in Suez, and Russia in Nawa. All forces are still maintaining a strong naval presence in the Mediterranean however. This along with rumors of deep water Toxin spirits have given rise to the name ‘Sea of Giants’ for the area.

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November Incident

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